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Welcome! We’re so glad that you are checking out our church’s website. Whatever your circumstances, we hope this site will help you to see what we desire to be – a community of people whose lives have been deeply changed by God’s Grace and truth. That’s exactly what we want to be – transformed people who demonstrate grace and truth! While the digital age makes it easy to check us out from a distance, a website can’t substitute for face to face interaction. So we hope you’ll visit us soon – We look forward to seeing you!

Each Sunday through 2017, the message will come from the book of 2 Corinthians. 

No letter of Paul’s is more personal and intimate in nature than 2 Corinthians. In it he bared his soul and professed his abiding love for the Corinthians despite the apparent fickleness of their affection for him.

What concerned Paul pre-eminently was the presence of false teachers, claiming to be apostles, who had entered the church. They promoted their own ideas and at the same time sought to discredit both the person and message of the apostle. Second Corinthians was written to defend the authenticity of both his apostleship and his message. This was not carried out in a self-protecting spirit but because Paul knew that acceptance of his ministry and message were intimately bound with the Corinthian church’s own spiritual well-being.

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