The McCay Family - PNG

the mccay family

The McCays – Serving the Lord with CrossView Australia (NTM) among the Kol people of East New Britain, PNG.


Garry & Faith

Both born and raised in country Victoria and both worked as teachers until the end of 1994 when they resigned and commenced a missionary training program in Sydney with New Tribes Missions. They arrived on the field in PNG in February 1999 and moved into a remote village, situated among the Kol tribe of East New Britain.

Their ministry is church planting which includes evangelism, Bible translation, literacy and medical work.


The Kol People

The Kol language is spoken by approximately 4000 people. The majority of these people live in, or close to, a mountainous area of East New Britain. Conditions in this region are still quite undeveloped. People construct their houses from bush materials and use machetes and axes to clear away tropical growth for their gardens.

The population of the canyon in which the McCay family is located has doubled in the time they have been there and is now close to 200. The nearest villages to their community are a 4 hour hike to the south. It takes 2 ½ days for the people to hike to the coast.

Traditional animistic beliefs are very strong within the group as a whole and continues to be a formidable challenge to their church planting goals.

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