About MVBC

Meadow View Baptist Church may have had its start last century, but we have our feet firmly planted in the 21st century. The mass of men and women are living lives of quiet desperation, and looking for answers. We are a church that is filled with transformed lives. We are a Safe Place… We are a Place of Grace. We are answering the culture, while anchored to the Word of God. Come and join us and see the difference that Christ Jesus can make. Just to make sure we are the right church for you, take this short quiz:

Perfect People Quiz (Check all that apply)

  • I always tell the truth and never lie (not even little white lies)
  • I have forgiven everyone who has wronged me in life.
  • I manage my finances perfectly and give generously to those in need.
  • I never fight with, or angrily blow up at, friends and family.
  • I’m never jealous of co-workers or neighbours for what they have and I don’t.
  • I am not addicted to drinking, drugs, pornography, shopping, internet surfing, gambling, or Xbox 360.

If you scored 100% on this test, Congratulations! Please though, Do Not Come to Meadow View because, quite frankly, you are far too perfect. However, if you think there’s even a small chance that God can bring about restoration and transformation in your life, come check out our church – we’d love to have you!

 Think that church is reserved for ‘perfect” people? Even if perfect people actually existed, think about who Jesus hung out with during His time on earth! He spent His time with those who were far from having it all together with the purpose of giving them hope (Matthew 9:11)

I invite you to be part of a church where we are Okay admitting that we aren’t perfect. A place where we understand that its only by God’s grace that we can begin restoring our broken lives. No matter where you are or what you’re going through, God desires to make a difference in your life. If this sounds refreshing to you, Come check us out!

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